Chat Room App

Download and Install Our Offical Chat Room App from the Official Appstores

Installing our Android app is done in a breeze. Just like you would install any application. Visit the Google App Store and install our chat room app.

Our chat room application allows you to create a shortcut on your mobile phone or desktop PC, tablet and other devices

Our application does not install any software on your device

A pwa - progressive web application is software which is delivered entirely through the internet

Chat Buddy chat app is progressive - so it works for everyone regardless of the type of browser

Responsive chat room - This is very important so the chat room fits to your screen in a user friendly way

A much faster loading chat room - Connection speed is critical. After the initial page load has completed, the exact same content can be delivered again without having to re-download each time

The chat room app works even using low quality networks

Entirely safe using HTTPS protocols

Creates a homescreen icon so you can connect directly to our chat room

Our web app works on desktop and mobile devices.
Click here to install.