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Relationships are never simple and most likely complicated for a lot of couples. Defining what a relationship is all about can be very hard to define as it’s different for everyone. Living with someone, or dating someone for 5 years will feel somewhat different for a person that has been dating for six months or 5 minutes. It’s not all about how long you’ve been ‘together’ that really marks any milestones made. Solid markers like getting engaged, marriage or having children are solid stages in a relationship. For a lot of people this defines what a long term relationship is, and depending on the sense of importance, what route a couple will take.

We’ve put together this article to describe in the simplest way possible the various stages of a courting couple.

The honeymoon period

The first stage of a relationship is what most people call the ‘honeymoon’ period. This is when you first meet someone and you really like them, and as a result you cannot stop thinking about them. The thought of that special person is with you 24 hours a day – you may even dream about them. This is an extremely intense period and some people may actually find it all too intense. This is also a great learning period where you’re not just learning about your new loved one but yourself. This can also lead to confusion where you mistake your newly found feelings for actual love. An important piece of advice at this stage is probably not to say ‘I love you’. Those words are extremely powerful and should not be easily dispensed, so even you feel like you’re really in love then its better just to hold back on saying it for some time until you’re past the ‘honeymoon’ period. Keeping a healthy relationship in check can be difficult at this time. A good bit of advice would be to avoid seeing each other every day – as tempting as that may seem, it’s actually quite healthy.


This is a make or break time. Small annoyances like the way someone choose can be the deal breaker of a relationship at this point. Once you’ve moved past the honeymoon period and started to settle down slightly you will notice things about your partner that perhaps you didn’t notice before, or you were too infatuated to have cared. The way someone drinks, slirps, twitches a foot, personality traits as well as physical things can make all the difference, and whether or not a relationship is worth bothering with.


Moving on from annoyances this is the point where those annoyances are either compromises or not. Dealing with annoyances isn’t always an easy thing, but if what you like about that person massively outweighs then isn’t it worth going for? After all none of us are perfect and we all have our flaws. Relationships not only teach us a lot about each other but about ourselves as well. This is also the stage where you can fluctuate from vibrancy to intense arguments. Some couples simply won’t argue. Recognizing when you’re wrong at this point is extremely important and telling – saying sorry is never unreasonable and neither is admitting if the fault is yours.

A common ground

At this point in a relationship things have started to settle and enjoyment changes, or rather evolves into something beautiful. Whether you may consider living with that special person or you’re considering ‘tying the knot’. Whichever way you choose, both paths are fairly inevitable. Confidence is supreme at this point where you’ll feel 100% comfortable with your loved one. Spending a day in your pyjamas or going to the toilet with the door open. This is the time for warts ‘n all, and that extra time where you’ll get to know the person even more. If you’re at this stage then your sex life should be even better than it used to be. You’re now comfortable with your loved one and you experiment more. It’s important at this stage not to get complacent, and how can I put it? Neglect each other. Paying attention to both your needs at this point is very important.

The future…

I thought I wouldn’t write anything here because the future is yours and I hope it will be amazing!

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