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Effective chat room etiquette quide

This guide will help you win in our chat room and provide you with the tips on how to talk to other people where body language simply isn't possible.

Not fully understanding chat room etiquette can soon set you off to a terrible start.

Etiquette conduct always requires common sense!

Introduce yourself when entering the chat room for the first time. Something as simple as "hi everyone" can make the difference between a good start or a bad one. Don't be put off should you not receive any replies - you would have been noticed.

Be polite. I think this goes without saying, but as most people are aware, people online generally act differently to how they would do in person. Being polite will catch the eye to those that are also polite.

Nobody likes a spammer. Do not spam the chat room with repeated requests. Post often but be courteous.

Capital letters typed into a chat room are seen as shouting. If you wish to SHOUT then please do so. Use the SHOUT to draw attention to a particular word or sentence. This is quite a powerful tool so use it wisely.

ASL (age, sex, location) although is straight to the point, can be seen as quite rude. This isn't a great way to get to know someone. Ask the question instead. People are more willing to part with information through conversation.

If you wish to send an instant message to someone (IM), or PM (private message), then it is always polite to ask first. Ladies especially will receive hundreds of private messages in a chat room. If you want to stand out then be polite.

Be sure to read the rules of this website. This will help you get a head start on what you should and should not do here.

Lurking for a while isn't such a bad thing. You can watch the room to see who the main outspoken people are and start talking to them, before jumping in not knowing who is who.

Avoid overuse of profanity. Or simply don't use it.

Conversation is an art in a chat room. Allow others to respond to what you type - don't take over the chat room if you're a fast typist for instance.

When you leave a chat room say goodbye to everyone. Not one at a time but just like you would if you were leaving a party for instance.

Always remember that other people will likely have different opinions to you and others. Treat people fairly and respect their opinions.

Give the chat room chance to respond to you. Don't feel despondent if no one answers you immediately. People in chat rooms take time to familiarise with you and your username. Do not pick a username that is offensive to others.

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