Chat Room Help Section

A helpful guide for our free chat room

Welcome to our chat room!

This page contains useful information about how to use our chat site and make the most of your experience. You'll find guides on how to block other users, as well as an etiquette guide to help you get started. Our help section should also answer any questions you have about the chat room and its features. If you have any further questions, just ask in the chat room and one of our moderators will be happy to assist you. The chat room is designed to be user-friendly, but there are a few less obvious features that we'll be covering in this guide.

chat room login

The above picture presents you with the main log in box to the free chat room. You can either log in as a guest (with restricted features) or register to save your username and unlock additional features. If you would like to enter as a guest to try our chat room then simply enter a name you would like to use and press "log in".



If you have already registered an account you can log in by typing in your username that you registered with, and then clicking on the key icon which opens up the password field. Enter your password and press log in, you will then automatically enter the chat room.

Forgot Password

forgot chat room password

Forgot your password? No problem. Click "Forgotten Password" and enter in the email address that you registered with. Once you have done that you will be given your "secret question" to answer, once you have answered your secret question you will be given a new password which you can change once you are logged in.


register a chat room account

Registering an account is done in a breeze. Simply click "Register" and fill in the requested details. Make sure you make a note of your password and password recovery details.

Main Room

chat room

The picture above shows you what the chat room user interface looks like once you've logged in.

The user list is on the right-hand side and the message bar, where you type in your messages into the main chat room, are at the bottom. To the left of that is the emoji section, file sharing, and paint, where you can draw pictures directly into the chat room.

Block Settings

chat room settings

The image above shows you what the "Settings" section looks like once you've logged into the chat room. You can see you can change the time format to 24hr and mute sounds. Even though we're a UK chat site we have created the chat room so you can change languages. Doing so will make the features easier to navigate in your native language.

The dots allow you to choose a custom font colour. If you would like more colours added then please let us know in the chat room.

The images at the bottom are for Settings, Profile, Avatar and Motto - where you can either use one of the default avatars or upload your own one. The "Files and Media" image allows you to upload photos or images directly into the chat room or if you are in private chat. The arrow allows you to logout from the chat room.

In this section we will look at what the icons mean and show you those features

List of available chat rooms

View the private messaging log

Your chat room settings

Access your chat room profile

Choose a stock avatar or add your own picture

Upload and access your files to post directly into the chat room or to another user

Logout of the chat room

Chat Room Features

hidden features of our chat room

Hidden features can be found next to where you type a message in the chat room. You can upload a picture directly into the chat room or the person you are in private chat with. You can also post a voice message, video upload, doodle your own drawing or post a file.

Block Button


Remove/block abusive users

You can block another chat room user by clicking the 'Block/Unblock' button. Using this button will block the user so you cannot see their messages, they will still be able to see your messages.

Click a username you wish to Block >> Click the eye symbol to block or unblock.

Report/flag other users for potential violations to the Admin or flag potential violating content

report a user to admin

If you need to report a chat room user to Admin you can do so here. Click Settings >> PM Log >> Report Abuse.

You can also check your offline PM messages in this box. Click Settings >> Pm Log >> Users who have sent you a PM.