firmly believes in safeguarding your privacy and that of all our website visitors. This policy states how we take care of your personal information that is shared with us.

  • Personal Information
  • Every time you visit our website we collect the following information; Information about the browser you have used to access our chat site. The IP address, referral and operating system. We will also know what pages of the website you have accessed. As always any information you share with us is entirely voluntary and in fact, is exactly what you would share on any website that you visit. This collecting of information is purely to make your experience with us better. We do not share your information with any third parties whatsoever. Sometimes we may use any pictures or photos you have uploaded to our chat site for promotional reasons.

    Our website uses HTTPS which is secure. This allows us to use an encryption method which keeps all that you type in our chat rooms private and secure. Anything you post in the main chat room is viewable by everyone. What you type to another user in private instant messaging is entirely private and cannot be viewed.

  • Advertisers
  • We may sometimes use advertising to make revenue. Third party advertisers may use "cookies" which are used to track what adverts have been opened.

  • External links
  • We may sometimes link to other website. This will always be made clear using the link text.

  • What are cookies?
  • Cookies are a small file which is placed on your computer (all websites use them). For more information on cookies and what they do please see this website About Cookies

  • Notice for parents
  • Given the nature of chat rooms we do not encourage younger people to use the chat rooms. If there are any concerns or worries then please contact us or speak to a moderator in the chat room who will be able to advise.

  • Safety
  • Please use common sense when chatting to people in our chat rooms. There are some very odd people in this world, and sometimes people online aren't who they pretend to be. You may be speaking to someone who claims to be a doctor - do not take medical advice from a "doctor" in a chat room. It is never a good idea to meet someone from a chat room in private. If you do wish to meet someone online then please make sure you've spoken to them over the phone first, rather than just using a webcam. Make sure you tell other people that you are going to meet this person and when you will likely be home. It's also a good idea to meet in a public place and have a "get out" action plan in place should you need it. If someone is causing you a problem in our chat room then please let a moderator know.

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