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  • Peter
  • I've been to a lot of chat sites over the years, most are the same, but not This has to be one of the friendliest chat sites out there. I don't know how it manages to attract so many decent people, but whatever they're doing they are doing something right.

  • MissG
  • At last something decent to do on a Saturday night! Sad sack I know but hey-ho it's off to chat buddy I go!

  • MisstyX
  • Very unusual chat site. Most people are easy going in the day time, but it's at night that I like the most. It's an unusual feeling at night with different regulars than in the day time. This suits me nicely because I work night shift and I can generally get online at work which helps the time go by. The website owner 'John' was the first person to welcome me to his chat site and I felt welcomed by him and everyone else. Good chat site.

  • JakeTheSnake
  • Not sure that I've ever gave a review for a chat site. Thinking about I'm not sure if I've ever reviewed anything online!

    OK so here's my review:

    I love the chat and meeting new a Chat Buddy. It's quick and the people are very friendly. Most are from the UK but there are also quite a few from Australia and the US. There are some odd bods on the site like one guy that loves to sit in a nappy all day - yeah, weird I know! Anyway, this is my second home apart from Facebook. But I am finding myself more and more chatting here on ac. I'm a tattooist by trade and it's nice to get online in the day when I haven't got any customers in the shop - which is where you can generally catch me if you fancy a chat.

  • HEBE
  • Been chatting here since the day it opened pretty much. My 'go to' chat room. I used to visit ukchatterbox before it closed down and I had to find a new chat home. Here it is on and probably the closest site I can find that brings back those amazing ukchatterbox memories. If anyone remembers me from there please say hello. This chat site is probably the best when it comes to nice people. Quite a few chatters on other sites want sex chat but that isn't the case here - people are friendly and actually very pleasant to chat with.

  • JustGMan
  • I've been on this site since day 1. The first day I was welcomed by someone called 'John' who I thought was just another chatter. Turned out he is the website owner and a really nice guy. Apparently, he has a number of chat sites and one was very popular once. I hope this site gets popular as it's my favourite chat site on the net. There are a few good apples that chat here and some nice UK ladies. I think they feel more comfortable chatting on achatroom because most of the men aren't perverts like most chat rooms seem to attract. This is pretty much my place online to relax when I've had a tough day. I hope it doesn't close as ukchatterbox did. I used to chat online there for about 9 years. Made some great friends there and hopefully, I will here on achatroom.

  • M40UK
  • Cool chat site and not full of weirdo's that most chat sites seem to encourage, and allow. No crazy moderators that will literally kick you out for saying the most tamest of things. Been on the chat scene for a long time now (well over 15 years) and this one is a good chat site but would be better if it had webcam. As a pure text chat site it is really super quick with a good bunch of men and women to chat to. Nice atmosphere in the late evenings with a few regulars. I'd recommend this site all day long.

  • Skid21
  • Really good gay chat room. Friendly local gay boys to talk to from the UK. Beats paying like you have to on other sites to meet other gay men and boys like me.

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