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  • Peter


I've been to a lot of chat sites over the years, most are the same, but not This has to be one of the friendliest chat sites out there. I don't know how it manages to attract so many decent people, but whatever they're doing they are doing something right.


  • MissG


At last something decent to do on a Saturday night! Sad sack I know but hey-ho it's off to chat I go!


  • MisstyX


Very unusual chat site. Most people are easy going in the day time, but it's at night that I like the most. It's an unusual feeling at night with different regulars than in the day time. This suits me nicely because I work night shift and I can generally get online at work which helps the time go by. The website owner 'John' was the first person to welcome me to his chat site and I felt welcomed by him and everyone else. Good chat site.