What is a chat room

What exactly is a chat room?

What we know of now as a “chat room”, is to accurately describe talking to one or more person(s) online in any form. This can be done in different ways from asynchronous conferencing or synchronous conferencing, which is a formal word used in computing to signify technology used in online chat rooms. This can also include webcam and text. Synchronous is “real time” rather than say for instance using e-mail.

There are many forms of synchronous conferencing for instance:

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Extensive Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)

In today’s use there are mainly three types of online chat:

Audio chat: Audio chat only – where people can meet online in a group or one to one.

Video chat or webcam chat: Users can interact online using a webcam device.

Text chat: Users can be logged into a chat room, or online conference, and interact by sharing information and text.

The very first chat system was developed and used in 1971 by a very young PhD graduate by the name of Murray Turoff.  The chat system that was developed was actually used to help President Nixon to allow regional offices to communicate online.

Most chat sites have rules in place. Some are stricter than others but generally the same rules apply across the board. For instance rules usually do not allow offensive language, promotional of violence, hate or advertising. Offenders are usually either kicked or banned depending on the severity. Punishment is either carried out by a moderator (mod), or an administrator (admin).

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