• Only indulge in private messaging once you become comfortable in the main chat room
  • Always be kind to others in the rooms
  • Never give out any personal information
  • Be, and act yourself. Warts and all. That way everyone will get to know the real you
  • Use the report user function should you see something bad happen
  • Always respect other people, including their opinions
  • Any problems – speak to a moderator
  • Don’t ‘spam’
  • Don’t act all bullish in the chat room. Filling the page with just what you want to talk about isn’t communicating
  • Don’t give out any contact details
  • Don’t use anyone else photos
  • Don’t harass anyone
  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t use capital letters CONSTANTLY (it implies you’re shouting)


Chatting online is great fun and you’ll have an amazing time if you follow these basic pointers.

  • Do not give out your bank details to anyone.
    If you do experience anyone asking for your personal details in any way shape or form, please let us know.
  • Don’t give out your phone number.
  • Report untoward behavior. Just because it’s a chat site doesn’t mean you have to put up with what someone is saying to you.
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