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Everyone at some point has experienced the feeling of a broken heart and if you haven’t there likely will be one further down the road. Without a doubt where dating and relationships are concerned, heartache is a part of it and without a doubt, sadly, also inevitable. Putting trust in someone and completely opening up to that person always comes with the potential pitfall that all can go dramatically wrong. Those that have experienced such pain know that it is very real and quite often can make a person feel physically sick and light headed. Some people may also experience almost a panic attack or further stress.

Depression can happen to anyone at any time in life. A hugely emotional break up or broken heart can trigger that. You might feel hugely upset with very low self-worth and low self esteem. It’s likely your friends may notice a change and should stand by you. If you feel very upset and even want to talk to someone it’s a good idea to visit your Doctor or one of the free advice lines.

Heart ache

Breaking up with someone affects you in more way than one. Feeling anxious about the future and the sudden change can be quite traumatic. Nevertheless this is something you will overcome – even if it feels like the worst thing that’s ever happened. This feeling will fade over time.

Insomnia is a big one for people that have recently split up with their partner. Thinking about things late into the night or sleeping irregular patterns doesn’t help the situation. Weight loss resulting from loss of appetite can also make you feel much worse. So, eating regularly is a must, even if it’s in smaller amounts than you’re used to.

We’ve briefly discussed weight loss, and although people react in different ways it’s quite possible that heartbreak can lead to comfort eating, especially if you cannot be bothered to cook or eating on your own.


Unfortunately there is no ‘quick fix’ for a broken heart. Nor are there any miracle drugs that can make it all better. Our friendly online chat room can certainly help to change your focus, and in doing so also helps you make new friends, albeit online. We always encourage users to be open about themselves but be careful because some people may try to take advantage of a broken heart.

It’s always a good idea to have a clean break away after you’ve split with someone. Get some sunshine if it’s winter or get away with some friends, even if it’s for a couple of days. This will help you renew your focus and reflect on your life.

Eating more healthy can make a huge difference to anyone. Especially after a break up when you feel sapped of energy and life. An intake of vital vitamins and minerals via fruit and veg intake isn’t a bad thing for anyone.

Taking up a new sport or doing something like Yoga or Pilates. If you’re feeling slightly inclined I highly recommend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to help focus the mind while learning a practical form of self-defence and becoming fitter at the same time.

Getting involved in the chat room is a really good way of focusing the mind in a completely different way and once more it’s not such a bad thing to do on a Saturday night with a single glass of wine and good company in the chat room.

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