Cyber bullying in chat rooms and online

Internet chat rooms are a really good way to discuss topics about literally anything you can think of. Most people visiting are generally on the whole good people, but sometimes bullies enter and they love to prey on people. The use of moderators that step in to help are a good thing, but sometimes this can feel overbearing for a chat site. Nothing is worse on a chat site than an overzealous moderator acting like a traffic warden giving out loads of parking tickets. There are ways you can reduce any form of cyber bullying online, for instance ending any form of communication with the person(s) bullying you. This is normally done through the means of a block button or some other mute function that.

Limiting the information you add to a public profile certainly helps. Most people will then ask you things instead of freely gaining that information. Always work on a ‘need to know’ basis. This advice is good, not just for chat sites, but literally any form of social media. Always limit your public profile so only those people that you’ve accepted as your friends can see what you’ve chosen to share. And always be cautious who you accept as a friend.

When staying safe in a chatroom it’s never a good idea to tell people your precise location. I’ve many times told people that I actually live in a different part of the country. Once I get to know that person I may divulge a little more, but always with caution. Without being armed with precise information on a person’s whereabouts it makes like very difficult for any potential cyber bully.

This is also good advice when choosing your nickname that others will identify you with. For instance if your name is ‘Kirsty’ it wouldn’t be advisable to use ‘Kirsty31UK’. Why on earth give a person so much information?

Try to avoid posting photographs that may show your location. For instance, a photo of your car, or any other identifiable information that may be gained from a picture. A photo from inside a pub for instance may give out information from what is in the background like the pub name.

A sure what of protecting yourself online when you’re using our chat site or any other social for that matter is simply to never meet anyone online. Stalkers and predators, or anyone wishing to harm you literally have no chance. I know that can seem a little extreme, but if you’re looking at meeting someone online then please, just be cautious and follow these simple steps:

Always meet in a public place no matter what. There will be others around which will make you feel more comfortable. A bar or restaurant is always a good start for meeting someone.

Always tell a friend that you’re going to meet someone, and maybe ask them to give you a call at a specified time to either make sure you’re OK or a potential ‘get out’.

Make sure you have a way to get home. And leave within good time, whilst there are a lot of people around.

Never go back to someones house or flat on a first date.

Never get in someones car.

Always use common sense.

For more information about how to have an enjoyable chat room experience please read

Please note that we do not tolerate bullying in any of our chat rooms or across our website at all. Full stop. Do not do it and do not encourage others to participate in childish bullying behaviour. If you do spot or see any bullying then please let one of our active moderators know in the chat room and we’ll investigate and react accordingly.

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One thought on “Cyber Bullying – How to stay safe in chat rooms

  1. GhanaGirl says:

    The first time I went into a chat room I was utterly shocked at the shear amount of infighting that was going on. That was besides seeing the constant abuse and bullying directly on the main wall for everyone to see. Moderators were even joining in what they considered ‘fun’. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to have changed much since my last visit which was about 5 years ago. This site does seem quite different though with nicer people to talk to which is quite refreshing.

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