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Love is without a doubt the most intense emotions that a human being can ever feel. There are different feelings of love and it’s intensity can vary from person to person, generally speaking most see it as romance with a partner whether they are male or female. The meaningful sense of deep fulfillment will never be reached by any other means. Nothing compares to true love.

That need for love is with all human beings and love is a learned feeling through loving relationships. Research does point to our childhood where we learn that building a stable relationship to the person that provides us with food and the reliability that that provides protection, social contact, love and health.

Relationships do fail for all sorts of reasons but we do tend to hold on to anything that is dear to us and provides us with that sense of love. Finding love can be very difficult and usually more so as we age. Younger people find it a lot easier given that statistically there are more single like minded young people looking for love also. Knowing the difference between love and infatuation can be difficult but is also a learned skill that usually comes through emotional trial and painful error.

Building a healthy relationship is important not only in search for the person we may call a soul partner or soul friend but also in building relationships in our daily lives. A chat room can help you build such relationships in that we provides a base for you to meet and talk to people online in a safe way. Our free chat is quite different from other chat sites in that we provide a very fast and simple way to enter the chat. This can be done by either registering which takes all of 30 seconds or you can enter as a guest. Either is optional and entirely up to you.

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