Chat Room Background was designed as a unique chat room that would bring real time communication and entertainment direct to the user. Creating a place online for people to chat in real time. The idea being that people could gather together in a cyber environment to create communities for kids chat, dating, chatting, and having fun in a safe way without overbearing moderation. In case you’re wondering what a free chat site is then take a look here.

Achatroom Requirements

The goal seemed simple but has proved not to be as straight-forward. The main priority was to create a multi-functional place in which we could incorporate every possibly way for online communication – keeping it simple yet effective. We needed a look of an application yet the need to keep it really simple as possibly with blazing fast speed to every user despite whether or not they’re using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop etc. The chat had to be quick without any page refresh to deliver the perfect social chat room.

The Solution

For the most superior form of chat room communication we decided to use Websockets and Python as our code. WebRTC was a consideration for the use of webcams but with the restrictions for broadcasting one to many we had our concerns. The interface was designed to keep everything to a minimum while providing a rich environment to chat online in one place while you could keep abreast to what was happening in the chat room while chatting privately. We incorporated both community chat as we as private chat instant messaging.

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