A Chat Room is usually part of a website or sometimes a dedicated website, which forms part of a service to bring together people in a chat room in one place. Communities of users can then chat in real time to talk about anything or common interests. Our chat rooms do not require you to install any specific software; the chat room literally works out of the box, unlike IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which requires you to download additional software.

Chat room registration is done in an instant – all that is required is a valid email address. Keep in mind this is an optional feature which allows you to keep your chosen username. Most sites have many different rooms but ours allow you to log into one room and the list of rooms are available from that one chat room. Inside the chat there is a userlist which shows you who is currently online and available to chat to. Messages you post in the main room will be available to view from the larger community and other users respond. Users can posts videos and images as well as audio using your webcam.

All messages posted in the chat room are spontaneous and can be seen by everyone all within a fraction of a second. This can sometimes open the chat to potential abuse so we ask you to consider what you post before doing so. Introducing yourself before you start in conversation is always a great start – a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ can make the difference of a bad or good start. Disruptive users may sometimes be ejected from the chat room by our active moderators. Flooding the chat room is not tolerated and can result in being kicked.

There are tons of chat rooms on the internet – some focus on specific subjects but ours doesn’t. You can talk about anything you wish. We do have chat rooms which tend to bring together people from parts of the UK for instance our Welsh, Irish, England and Scottish chat.

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What is a chat room?
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What is a chat room?
A chat room is means whereby two or more people can communicate online using a mobile or computer device. Text or webcam are the two most popular methods of online chat room communication as well as audio.
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