Are our chat rooms safe? ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Chat rooms in the mainstream are safe.ย 

You should always take precautions wherever you are online and probably more so if you visit a chat room. 

Providing you have a firewall, and you don’t download any files from a chat site you will be fine. 

A danger of most chat sites is what is called ‘social engineering’ whereby a person with malicious intent will try and extract sensitive information from their chosen ‘target’, usually for some type of financial gain.ย 

In general, you are only as safe online as you allow yourself to be. This means that when you visit a chat room, there are usually security options in place, for instance, ‘block user’ which is a handy feature that enabled you to block another user that might be annoying you.

Moderators are there to help you, so please ask them for any advice or helpful direction that you may need. 

We never advise giving out your contact details; this can be your Facebook account or your email address or phone number. 

Visiting a website that uses HTTPS is more secure than using HTTP where information between yourself and the server could be intercepted. 

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