At, we sincerely believe there is a far better way to provide an excellent online chat site experience. We instantly noticed a huge gap missing in the chat room market since the advent of mobile chat services.

Although times have changed and people tend not to chat online so much as they used to, we found that people of all ages still love to talk in a traditional-style chat room.

We’ve included a new teen chat room for young people to meet and chat online

We are obsessively passionate about bringing you the best and fastest chat room out there, no delay in receiving or sending messages or images you wish to share.

We encourage people to be respectful as you would expect in the real world. Our chat room is no different, showing a genuine sense of friendliness when people come to our chat site. That is our primary ethos that most of our users follow. Quite a few chat sites you can enter, and no one will even acknowledge you. Here in our free chat room, you might be surprised by the number of people that will welcome you into the main chat room.

Providing a comfortable chat room where you can fit right in making friends is a good recipe for all chat rooms. Surprisingly many people forget what makes a chat room unique and different.

We hope that you not only enjoy our chatroom but hope you also share our site with your friends, but above all – keep coming back.

Long gone are days when AJAX provided a way to chat online using now old technology to connect people.

Our chat site provides the absolute cutting edge in connecting people online using very similar techniques Facebook uses.

Check out some of our user reviews and let us know in the chat room if you would like to submit a review!


The idea being that people could gather together in a cyber environment to create communities for people to chat safely and having fun without overbearing moderation.

Our chat room is unique and brings real-time communication and entertainment direct to the user, creating a place online for people to chat in real-time.

Chat room requirements

The goal seemed simple but has proved not to be as straight-forward.

The main priority was to create a multi-functional place, so we included every possible way for online communication keeping it simple yet effective and catering for all ages including teenagers and young people making our chat site available for all ages.

Our needs were to keep it simple as possible with blazing fast speed to every user despite whether or not they’re using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, etc.

The chat had to be quick without any page refresh to deliver the perfect social chat room.

The solution

For the most superior form of free chat room communication, we decided to use Websockets and Python as our code.

WebRTC was a consideration for the use of webcams, with the restrictions for broadcasting one to many, we had our concerns.

We designed the user interface to keep everything minimal while providing a rich environment to chat online in one place. You can stay abreast with what was happening in the chat room at the same time as talking privately.

We incorporated both community chat, teen chat room, as well as private chat instant messaging.

Moving forward

The future is looking promising for us here at We aim to bring you a continually evolving chat site with blazing fast WebSocket chat.

We are bubbling with ideas for developing the chat room further. Maybe profiles and games so members in the chat room could play games and rate them.

Buddy List where members can add a chat buddy to privately contact them in a self-contained resizable chat room window delivering the ability to add rich text and maybe the ability to send and receive credits or karma.

There is already a bundle of emoticon icons to express in the chat, so we have brought in animated emoji to liven up the chat room.

Multiple rooms are a must where the main chat room contains a list of rooms where members or guests can enter.

File uploading promotes interaction to another level allowing users to upload any document and images to share with other people either in private or in the main chat room.

Our chat room presently has a slick accompanying app for your phone. Providing your phone is an Android device, you can install our chat room app where you can also access the teenage chat room.

If you are not using Android, you can install our PWA chat room app

We are thrilled about our chat site and look forward to what the future bears, and I am hoping you will be too.

Works everywhere

Our chat room works using any device, providing you have an Internet connection.

We do recommend using a stable internet connection to prevent disconnections.

Ensure your software is up to date for the best possible experience.

UK Chat Rooms

Chatting with other people throughout the UK is a great way to make friends, get conversations going, and, of course, have fun with people across the country. If you are looking for a good way to have fun and make friends, you are going to want to use our UK chat room. This is a chat site designed for people all over the world but as an English speaking chat room it is perfect for everyone.

Having the chance to speak with others in the UK. Using webcams to make it more personal, will help you make friends, and enjoy your time online more than ever.

Most likely, you have been to a chat room before. You have met people from the UK, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, and nearly every other major country out there. It is a great way to speak with others, see what is happening across the world, and make friends. Of course, sometimes, you may want to talk with others around the UK.

If you want a chat room filled with people from across the UK, use a website that targets UK people like ours.

With our chat site, you have people in the UK coming together to talk about anything. You can talk about interests, what is happening at the time, or really anything else.

If you want to rant, find people to play games with, talk about something you just found, or pass time, you can. Not only that, but you can use your webcam, too.

This takes out need for text, which is boring and gives you the chance to talk with people. Make it personal and make it more interesting.

Like any chat room, it is easy to get started. Regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you want to talk about, you can get in and start chatting away right now. Anyone can have fun with this chat site, allowing you to meet all types of people. The massive variety here is what makes it exciting. Instead of focusing on one type of person, you can meet people from all backgrounds from all over the UK. You may meet someone like yourself or you may even come across the complete opposite. It is amazing to see the number and types of people who use our chat site.

Chats are a great way to communicate with a group of people, whether it’s for work or for fun. Here are some tips on how to make the most of them:

1. Limit distractions: turn off notifications and put your phone away so you can focus on the chat.

2. Be aware of your tone: remember that there’s a real person on the other end of the chat, so be respectful.

3. Use productive language: make sure your messages are clear and concise. Chat rooms can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but they can also be used for business purposes. If you’re not sure how to use a chat room for business, here are some tips:

4. Find the right chat room. Not all chat rooms are created equal. You’ll want to find one that is relevant to your needs.

5. Introduce yourself. When you join a chat room, introduce yourself and let others know what you do.

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