Chat Room Etiquette

Are you new to socializing in a chat room? Etiquette is a very important part of your
chatting experience and good chat room etiquette will help to ensure that you don’t
accidentally step on any toes while you’re conversing!
Consider these tips for good chat room etiquette.
• Avoid using obscene, explicit, or potentially offensive language. Also, remember
that chat room members hail from across the globe, so avoid any stereotypical
remarks or comments that could offend members who live in another region or
• Avoid typing in all caps and do not use lots of exclamation points. You can add
emphasis by placing asterisks on either side of a word or using the bold or
underline feature when available.
• Keep it short. Short sentences and short paragraphs are easier to read than one
a long run-on sentence or a lengthy, rambling paragraph.
• Avoid off-topic remarks, as this can derail the discussion, potentially annoying
other members.
• As with all web-based interactions, it’s important to avoid acting in a manner that
could be viewed as abusive or threatening. It’s okay to disagree but disagree in
a respectful manner.
With these tips for good chat room etiquette, you should be well on your way to some
enjoyable virtual conversations!

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