Cyber Bullying ⛔

Feeling safe is a big deal to us- we all like to feel safe. Bullying is never tolerated or allowed. Bullying comments about religion, culture, sexual orientation etc are not tolerated. 

Reduce the chances!

Internet chat rooms are an excellent way to discuss topics about literally anything on your mind. Most people visiting are generally, on the whole good, but sometimes bullies enter, and they love to prey on people. There are ways you can reduce any form of cyber-bullying online, for instance, ending any form of communication with the person(s) bullying you. Usually, this is through the means of a block button or some other mute function. 

Limit your personal information

Limiting information you add to a public profile certainly helps. Most people will then ask you things instead of freely gaining that information. Always work on a ‘need to know basis. This advice is good, not just for chat sites but any form of social media. Always limit your public profile so only those you accept as your friends can see what you’ve chosen to share. And always be cautious about who you add as a friend. 

Staying safe

When staying safe using a chat room, it is never a good idea to tell people your precise location. Many times told people that I live in a different part of the country. Once I get to know that person, I may divulge a little more, but always with caution. Do not arm the bully with precise information on your whereabouts. Make it very difficult for any potential cyberbully. 

Use this advice when choosing your nickname that others will identify you within the chat room. For instance, if your name is ‘Kirsty’ it wouldn’t be advisable to use ‘Kirsty31UK’. Why on earth give a person so much information? 

No personal photos!

Avoid posting photographs that may show your location, for instance, a photo of your vehicle registration number. Or any other identifying information. 

Please note that we do not tolerate bullying. Full stop. Do not encourage others to participate in childish bullying behavior. If you spot or see what appears to be bullying, please let one of our active moderators know in the chat room, or contact us directly. We will then take active steps to investigate and react accordingly. 

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  1. I think this is a good blog post. Chat rooms are notorious for bullies and because they are behind a screen at home they think they can get away with it. That’s not always the case though!

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