How social networks can help your business grow

Social media marketing. Social network marketing. If you are an online marketer or online advertising specialist, you have probably heard these terms beaten to death. I don’t blame you. It seems that ‘marketing to social networks is one of the most commonly repeated mantras at many affiliate marketing sites. The truth is, many people are flogging this term to death but a large chunk of them don’t really have a clue as to how marketing messages through social networks work or should work. Before you buy Facebook likes, youtube views, Pinterest pins, or Twitter tweets, you need to get the basics of how messages proliferate through social networks.

Know the basics and you’re well on your way to crafting a campaign that has a higher likelihood of succeeding.

Ignore these two basic principles and you are just basically shooting in the dark The problem with shooting blindly in the dark is it not only wastes precious money but it wastes the most valuable asset you own your time. Get a clear idea of the principles of idea proliferation in social networks and save time on otherwise directionless social media campaigns.

Principle #1:  social networks run on concepts

Many people who fail to get direct traffic from social networks fail because they think that these sites exist to get milked for traffic. Wrong idea. Traffic will come, but you have to go about it the right way. Facebook and other social networks are primarily branding platforms. This means that you have to gain credibility for your brand before you can experience serious traffic. Low-credibility messages get a low view and low traffic. Fair enough, right? The key to success is to focus on concepts. Open your ‘friends’ or audiences’ minds first before moving on to the hard sell (dropping your link). Gain credibility first.

Principle #2: content lets you gain credibility

You wouldn’t buy stuff from a guy who makes wild claims, right? If not, then why expect anything different from your friends, followers, or viewers on social networks? Selling online is only slightly different from selling offline. It’s all about credibility. Establish yourself in the eyes of your prospective buyer. At the very minimum, establish that people should listen to you, take what you say seriously, and accept your recommendations. You don’t do this with shortcuts. You don’t do this with cheap gimmicks. If you want solid buyers who are willing to pay solid money, you need to gain credibility. The best way to gain credibility is to share solid, well-thought-out content that adds value to the lives of the reader. If you do anything other than this, you are building your campaign on shortcuts and gimmicks which won’t lead to anything sustainable or solid over the long haul.

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