Chat rooms – a great way to be what you can’t be

Communication.  It’s one of the key reasons that humans are at the top of the food chain on this planet, because we’re masters of communication.  More than any other creature we are able to communicate our thoughts, feelings, moods and needs to other people and do it with ease.  Many of us use our hands and faces to aid our communication too, so that people really know what we’re trying to say.  If you’ve ever been around a Jewish mother of grown children who had no grandchildren you’ll know what we mean.

With the advent of the personal computer and then the internet communication has taken on a number of interesting and exciting new forms. One of these is the ‘online chat room’. A sort of virtual ‘hang-out’ an online chat room lets people who have the same general interests ‘talk’ to each other when they’re on the web. When a person is logged into a chat room they can type what they want to say on their computer and the person (or persons) they’re ‘chatting’ with sees this message almost instantaneously on their own computer. It’s like having a conversation but without using your lips, tongue or mouth.

The most fun part about online chat rooms however has to be that, if you want to, you can be anyone you want to be in an online chat room.  Fat, bald disgusting men all over the country for example have taken to chat rooms in droves because of this very fact, and they go online in the thousands posing as slim, attractive and interesting men that make lots of money.  They’re called ‘chat room douchebags’ and they have a great time trolling for young, impressionable girls (and boys) to be ‘friends’ with. They really seem to love it to because there are an ever growing number of them all the time online.

Still and all it’s fun to chat with strangers that you’ve never met and tell them your deepest, darkest secrets.  They’ll never see you in the real world anyway so have a blast and lie your butt off. Hey, it’s a chat room, so lying there really doesn’t count anyway. Be all you can’t be!

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