How to make money from chat rooms

There are no two ways about it, making money online is no joke. You have to realize that you aren’t the only person out there trying to slice off a piece of the multibillion dollar online affiliate income pie. Companies the world over are spending billions every year promoting their products and they are letting affiliate pocket serious money in the process. There are countless people the world over who are signing up to affiliate programs and these people are your potential competitors. There is a piece of the online income pie for you, and you have to be quick or else someone else will snatch your piece of the pie. You have to be a very creative thinker when it comes to marketing your affiliate link. You have to find the right eyeballs and match them with the right offers. One of the best ways to market online is to use topic-specific chat rooms.

Once you have found websites that have chat rooms listed by topic categories, you need to get in there and start marketing your behind off. Too many marketers think this means you dump your affiliate link and move on to the next room. Well, you can try this but let me spare you the suspense-you will get banned. If you don’t want the door to hit your backside on your way out of the site you’re trying to market to, you have to hit chat rooms with more finesse and subtlety than a guy with a bullhorn in a yoga meditation class. Use the following tips to help you make more money off chat rooms.

Hit the right rooms  

Just because you see a few people in a room doesn’t mean this is the room you should market in. You have to make sure there are enough people in the room and these people are, at least, partly open to what you have to pitch. Do your research. Spend some time in many rooms. What do people talk about in open chat? What are people interested in? Chat up some people in private and figure out what they are interested in? Make a list of rooms that are frequented by people who are interested in what you’re pushing. Find rooms that get a lot of turnover-many people entering and leaving. These are eyeballs. The higher the turnover, the higher the number of eyeballs on the url you are promoting.

Gain trust before promoting

Just as you wouldn’t buy stuff from a dude who hit you with a sales pitch after you meet him, people wouldn’t buy stuff from you just because you dropped your url in the chat room. You have to post general ‘filter’ questions or statements that open the people’s minds to whatever it is you are selling. If you do this right, people will PM you with some questions. You then lure them in by answering in such a way that gets more questions. Finally, all questions will be answered by one answer and one answer only-your affiliate url. The landing page for the stuff you’re pushing will take it from here.

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