Making friends the easy way

Making Friends Online

Are you tired of your own company? Is your introverted nature make you feel shy of making friends? Would you like to make some new friends without stepping out of your house? Well, so many questions, but if your answer is yes for any of the above mentioned questions, then you should try to make friends online. Yes, the internet opens up a range of possibilities, and it is definitely the best place to meet new people from across the world. With so many options, such as chat rooms and chat sites, people can easily find lots of like-minded people. So, how should one go about it? Well, we give below some tips on how one can make friends online.

  1. Join a chat room or a community: Yes, this is one of the best options, and you will find such chat rooms in almost every social media platform. Once you have joined such a community, you should try to add value to it, and try making new friends, by posting some intelligent comments, or by sharing some good content. In fact, if you find some profile interesting, you can also send a message to that person, and initiate a conversation. But, remember to be polite, kind and respectful.
  2. Check out chat sites: Most of the chat sites have categories and groups of people, who share similar hobbies, or support some common cause. It will be easier to get into such a group, and start participating. When the interests and hobbies are same, it would be easier to make friends. Also, you can look for sites, where the people are interested in meeting up, and making new friends. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Freinstr, Friendsies, BigFriendo, LiveJournal, Tumblr are some of the most popular social media sites, and they have their own chat rooms, as well.
  3. Exchange email addresses: Once, you have picked up people, whom you want to become friends with, you can exchange email addresses, and start chatting.
  4. Be explicit in your expressions: While chatting in the chat room, try to be more expressive and explicit, and don’t try to suppress your emotions. Also, try to write complete words and sentences, as these can be more impressive.

While joining the chat room, you should try to target those groups, which share the same interests as yours. This will help you in breaking the ice easily, and the common interests will give you some fodder to talk about.

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