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Did you know that that there was once a time where people didn’t rely on social networking sites for chat? Perhaps the oldest and most infamous way to communicate on the Internet with more than one person at a time is known as the chat room.

The term chat room or chatroom describes any form of synchronized conferencing or a scenario where people talk to each other at the same time via the Internet. Although chat room commonly refers to that particular scenario, it can also describe any type of online chat happening in real-time via instant messaging and online forums.

The first known online chat system Talkomatic was first created in the mid-1970s through the PLATO System at the University of Illinois. The system supported up to five different people, where the messages of each person appeared on the screen in a character-by-character manner. Naturally, this early chat system stayed popular into the mid-1980s, until the first chat system made available to the public was developed—the Compuserve CB Simulator.

In the 1990s, American Online or AOL made online chat rooms even more popular to a wide audience. The Internet service provider hosted several different chat rooms, based on many different subjects and topics. If people wanted to discuss technology, as an example, there was a chat room made for that purpose. For years, people continued to use chat rooms as a means of communication across the world.

Chat rooms, although arguably less popular than they were in their heyday, are still used today, most notably as built-in features for many social networking websites. People all over the world still use chat rooms to carry out informal and formal discussions about practically anything they desire. Online chat rooms provide an ultimately infinite and endless room for people to talk to each other online, since chat rooms can be used to talk about anything.

Most chat rooms have some kind of moderation system in place to control unruly users, however there are chat rooms without moderation still on the Internet. Chat rooms are also helpful tools for businesses, since they can be used as a type of instant feedback form, where people can respond about products and/or services and even get answers to their questions.

Chat rooms come in different forms. You can actually still find many active chat rooms via both US and UK chat sites. You may have to be of legal age to use these chat sites, however, but if you are, they’re a great way to connect to others via the Internet.


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