Everyone at some point has experienced the feeling of a broken heart and if you haven’t there likely will be one further down the road. Without a doubt where dating and relationships are concerned, heartache is a part of it and without a doubt, sadly, also inevitable. Putting trust in someone and completely opening up to that person always comes with the potential pitfall that all can go dramatically wrong. Those that have experienced such pain know that it is very real and quite often can make a person feel physically sick and light headed. Some people may also experience almost a panic attack or further stress. Depression can happen to anyone at any time in life. A hugely emotional[…]

A FEW POINTERS Only indulge in private messaging once you become comfortable in the main chat room Always be kind to others in the rooms Never give out any personal information Be, and act yourself. Warts and all. That way everyone will get to know the real you Use the report user function should you see something bad happen Always respect other people, including their opinions Any problems – speak to a moderator Don’t ‘spam’ Don’t act all bullish in the chat room. Filling the page with just what you want to talk about isn’t communicating Don’t give out any contact details Don’t use anyone else photos Don’t harass anyone Don’t swear Don’t use capital letters CONSTANTLY (it implies you’re[…]

Dating online is great. There are so many options available that wouldn’t be there if you were meeting in person, say for instance as a blind date. Dating is without a doubt very exciting, and finding someone through a chat room can be great fun. What can be very difficult to discern online is whether someone actually likes you or not. People online in chat rooms can be whoever they like so trying to figure out the truth from fiction can be hard. You may think this is common sense, but it’s surprising how many people fail to see the “Doctor” they’ve been chatting to in the chat room isn’t really a doctor at all – scary, I know. Sometimes[…]

What exactly is a chat room? What we know of now as a “chat room”, is to accurately describe talking to one or more person(s) online in any form. This can be done in different ways from asynchronous conferencing or synchronous conferencing, which is a formal word used in computing to signify technology used in online chat rooms. This can also include webcam and text. Synchronous is “real time” rather than say for instance using e-mail. There are many forms of synchronous conferencing for instance: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Extensive Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) In today’s use there are mainly three types of online chat: Audio chat: Audio chat only – where people can meet online in a group[…]

Enter the chat room as either as a guest or registered user. Signing up for a free account is easy and you can dive into the chat straight away. Don’t worry, we don’t send spam emails to you nor do we harass you to come back to our website. All the information you provide is secured in our database using “https” to access our website makes it more secure than ever. Chat to people direct in the chat room or one to one using our instant messaging technology which is completely private between yourself and the person you’re chatting with. The more you get to know someone the better the relationship you will have with that person. Upload a photo[…]

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Here on achatroom.co.uk we firmly believe in having free open chat rooms. Here you will find local chat rooms for singles as well as couples, and a place to meet people for free. Meeting people in your area is quite an easy task with thousands of people from all over the UK popping in all the time you can be sure to bump into someone local to you in any of the public chat rooms. If you’re looking for video chat room online then you’re in the right place! All you need is a webcam and internet connection and you’re good to go. We’ve been called the “best free chat rooms” but we don’t like to brag. Let us know[…]

Here we are and it’s time to discover online chat Is making friends online through chat sites a thing of the past or is it still relevant? It most certainly is relevant and with the ease of access allows people from all parts of the UK and beyond to communicate with each other in the most relaxed chat room on the net. We are far more than the usual chat site, we pride ourselves in being somewhere to go to on a Saturday night! Chat site reliability What we offer here is complete reliability. With bullet proof servers offering you https secure encrypted messaging, you can be sure that your privacy is of the highest important to us. We stay[…]

A little something about our UK Chat Room A chat room is a free chat site catering and aimed at UK people. Here on our site we connect you together with others online using text and webcam chat rooms. There are a number of chat rooms available like adult rooms, UK teen chat, UK singles, UK gay scene chat rooms.  Registration is entirely optional and always will be. We firmly believe in allowing people to login as a guest to have a taste of what we offer, and hopefully you then register and become a fully fledged member. We offer: Private chat one on one instant messaging Private and group chat Webcam chat room Picture sharing Radio Quiz room Quiz[…]

Finally! Our chat site is live. This is the very first post in our blog, which is the go-to place where you’ll find all the latest updates and information about our chat site. I thought I would include a blog because this way I can drip feed information as and when we feel appropriate. You may see information here; for instance our latest ideas which we would like to share with you, etc.